child of light release date

Child of Light Release Date and Deluxe Edition

Child of Light is a turn-based RPG with a poetic touch. With stunning artwork made possible by the UbiArt Framework, the mood is as  as wonderful as Journey. The coop function allows the little spark of light or firefly, Igniculus,  to aid Aurora on her Trine kind of quest and puzzles. With a turn based combat system worthy of the old JRPG, Child of light is the product of a AAA company going indie and it looks like a success.  Continue reading

old vs new pt2

Best Game Tracks: Old School vs. New School (Part 2)

Hello again! As promised before here’s the second part of our TOP 10 best games tracks made of… ahem… 20… tracks. I think this list is more interesting in terms of gaming culture. It also gets in touch with a more nostalgic era of my life. Back when composers had less options to work with and were focused on making the best out of what the hardware could handle… and it had to loop! Without further ado, here is TOP 10 old school track (bit bit tsss)! Continue reading